10 Things You Should Really Know About Concerned Women For America

  1. Concerned Women for America (CWA) is the largest public policy organization for women in the country. Its mission is to protect and promote Biblical values and constitutional principles through prayer, education, and advocacy.

    Despite what you hear in the mainstream media and from leftist organizations, women are not a monolithic group of people advocating for the radical feminist agenda. CWA represents hundreds of thousands of women from every age group, cultural and economic background, who believe the principles of America’s founding are good and true for all peoples, and therefore, worth preserving.

  2. CWA was started in 1979 by Beverly LaHaye.

    CWA was born of the stirring of the heart of Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, the wife of pastor, theologian and author Tim LaHaye (best known for his best-selling Left Behind series). Mrs. LaHaye got tired of hearing feminist claims on television that they spoke for the women of America. They did not represent her or many of the women she knew.

  3. CWA gives voice to millions of women.

    Mrs. LaHaye was right. She quickly found out that thousands of women just like her felt they didn’t have a voice. The first meeting she conducted was to educate and alert Christian women on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). More than 1,200 attended. CWA was born out of that effort and became a national organization with hundreds of thousands of supporters that represent the voices of conservative women in government, the media, the courts, the culture, the churches, and academia.

  4. Prayer is a major focus at CWA.

    As a Christian organization, CWA believes in the power of prayer. Activists around the country regularly meet as prayer/action chapters where they pray for elected officials and the country as a whole. CWA believes this trust in God is the true source of their efficacy.

  5. CWA has seven core issues
  6. CWA concentrates on policy, not politics—ideas, not personalities.

    CWA values truth and the common good. It supports good ideas and opposes wrong ones. It strives to love God above all and treat all with respect. Therefore, CWA does not fight people. It fights wrongheaded policies. CWA strives to love people, whatever their life story. The organization strives to persuade those with whom it disagrees and help bring about a more peaceful, loving, and fruitful society for future generations.

  7. CWA is proud of being a women’s organization, but it does not engage in identity politics.

    CWA celebrates diversity and equality. It celebrates women as women and men as men. CWA rejects the idea that women must appropriate “maleness” in order to compete or be accepted as equal. Women are strong, intelligent, and capable women as uniquely created in the image of God.

  8.  CWA’s voice is not limited to traditional “women’s issues.”

    The women of CWA do not fit the old molds. They believe all issues are women’s issues. They come from every background and walk of life, and they speak to all kinds of issues. If you try to box them into the “women’s issues” category, you will be terribly disappointed. Their perspective as conservative women is invaluable, relevant, and beneficial in all areas of public policy, and they will not be silent to appease the fleeting and insatiable appetites of political correctness.

  9. CWA is effective.

    For over 40 years, CWA has been one of the most influential public policy groups for women in the nation. President Ronald Reagan famously said of CWA activists coming to Washington, D.C., he felt as if “the reinforcements had arrived.” President Donald J. Trump recently praised CWA’s work on judicial nominations. CWA is a grassroots organization at its core full of activist that work hard and win major victories.

  10. For that reason, CWA is a favorite target of the radical left.

    CWA women do not conform to the leftist media narrative. For this, CWA is routinely maligned and disparaged in an attempt to silence their voice. If you search for CWA online, you are likely to come to some colorful commentary of the organization and its leadership. But if there is one thing CWA has shown throughout its 40-year-history it is that these women do not back down. They are joyful and grateful to suffer for truth. CWA is committed to a graceful approach to public policy that is trendsetting and uncompromising.